Long Lasting High Traffic Area Handloom Rugs Types Benefits

Long Lasting High Traffic Area Handloom Rugs Types Benefits

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Long Lasting High Traffic Area Handloom Rugs Types Benefits

Handloom rugs are traditionally handmade on a vertical shape with a mounted cover. They often have no fringes or properly secured ends or sides. Qamrun- Nas & sons are one of the best Handloom Products Manufacturers. We also deal in braided rugs and wool carpets too. We make handlooms by pressing strands of fibers together by using thin threading. The diameter of the rod influences the depth of the collection. The weaving techniques are such that the designs are limited to certain restrictions. However, they are made to have a beautiful loop pile, cut pile, or a mix of both in them. Later after the weaving, the rug goes through the process of applying synthetic latex and a cloth sheet to the carpet back to join them together. The latex provides strength to the handloom rugs which saves them from disentangling.

Various Handloom Rugs

  1. Loom knotted back:
  2. Double back:
  3. Single back:

Loomed rugs generally have a detached back identical to the hand-tufted rugs back in their starting stage. They can be folded on all four corners. 

Then the double back handloom rugs technique where they have a tight back like the hand-knitted rugs. 

Among all other handmade carpet types, handloom carpets are one of them. They are woven on the vertical loom with the support of the mounted wrap. The weaving operation continues in the horizontal line. A handloom rug comes into existence when weaving fabric is skillfully hand-knotted on the specially designed loom. Qamrun-Nas & Sons uses a variety of materials in making handloom rugs. While a handloom wool rug is great for interior decoration, polyester is best for outdoor use. Some of the popular fibers used in handloom carpet are:

  • Wool
  • Viscous:
  • Synthetic material ( polyester, linen, nylon)
  • Bamboo skill handloom carpet
  • Cotton hand-knitted handloom carpet

Some of the Benefits of Handloom Carpet

  1. Quick predictions lead to less production cost. It is for this very reason that these rugs are the most inexpensive ones. 
  2. Knotted looms rugs can give a look and feel of the costly hand-knotted rugs but at a very affordable price. 
  3. Flatweave handloom rugs are reversible. You can use both sides of the rug. So when you get bored of one side, turn it to the other side to experience something very different. 
  4. Handloom rugs are lovely on the floor and are soft and comfortable on the feet. No two handloom rugs pieces are identical. This is a sign of a beautiful and valuable handcraft job worthy of paying. 

Qamrun Nas & Sons is one of the best Handloom Manufacturers in Delhi. We manufacture handloom carpets by a safe product with the advancement of technology. The demand for these rugs is increasing at par all over the world. Recycled rugs and jacquard weave rugs in thick silk and cotton fabric are in very high demand nowadays. 

The foundation of the production of these woven clothes by Qamrun-Nas & Sons is done by using two collections of conjoining threads. Here, the wrap is kept tightly stretched on the loom while the weft is thrown through the wrap thread, generally with shuttle. 

If you are looking for the best quality handloom rugs then Qanrun-Nas & Sons is the best destination for you.

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